I named myself "Ingrid" after a character in a story I started writing and will never finish.

I named myself "Sterling" after my dad's boyhood dreams.

I'm a Yankee who has lived south of the Mason Dixon for a decade and I use 'Y'all' without irony. I dance in my kitchen. I vote. I love all the cats in the world and a good IPA. I will scream over college sports.


I write about love, with love, because #loveislove

With two degrees in music performance, I strive to make my words sing. The rhythm and pacing of the prose is as important to me as my complicated, imperfect characters and my guaranteed happily-ever-afters.

Debut novel, "All the Way Out" coming in 2020 from Literary Wanderlust. Look for release date, cover reveals and chapter snippets on all my social media, or simply sign up for my mailing list (bottom right)!

Coming APRIL 1, 2021
by Ingrid Sterling

Zach Sugarman has known two things about himself since he was 15 years old: he wanted to be a pro quarterback and he was gay. Knowing he couldn't be both, he has planned his life with Rebecca, his devoutly Catholic girlfriend who is saving herself for marriage. But on the last night of a team trip to Rome, on the cusp of his senior season at Northwestern University, a Heisman, a number one draft pick, and a National Championship, Zach seeks out one last anonymous encounter.


He opens Grindr and slips out into the Italian summer night to meet Liam - Liam who has a face that looks like it was carved from Carrara marble by one of the ancient greats and whose brazen facade becomes sheepish when he's asked about his past in Paris. The night is intense, better than Zach could have imagined. But like all one-night stands, it comes to an end by morning's light.But what happens to Zach's carefully manicured plans for a professional football career and a life in the closet when Liam shows up in Zach's upper-level Plato seminar at Northwestern that fall?

New Adult, Contemporary Gay Romance 

Thanks for joining me on my writing journey!
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